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MS Master of Science

Business, Fashion, Environmental Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Engineering
food science, entrepreneurship, experimental design, academic journal article writing, grant writing, geometry, podcasting
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Project ideas

Food Product Development!

Got an interesting idea for a new food product, snack or beverage? Learn all the fundamentals of what you need to know, from formulation and food safety to branding and marketing.

Original Research & Academic Journal Article Writing

Have an inkling you're interested in academic research? Let's talk about your idea, refine your research question, test it, and write about it! Get an intro to academic journal and grant writing.

So You Wanna Start a Podcast?

Learn how to translate your passions into podcast. Explore how to develop a novel concept, communicate to a broad audience, execute, and publish!

Become a Student Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is such a buzz word these days, but what does it really take to bring your product or service idea to market? Learn how to develop a business model, conduct customer discovery, develop a minimum viable product, and tap into local support systems for your business idea.

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