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MFA Master of Fine Arts

History, Fine Arts, Film
studio art, sculpture, art history, art production
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Project ideas

What makes the Baroque, baroque?

For the student developing their portfolio who wants to add an extra layer of depth and context to their work. We would take a deep dive into works of the European Baroque, identify what defines it, and create a connection to your current body of work. Create a new sculpture, painting, photo, or digital work employing elements of the Baroque to help you draw comparisons between what you are doing in your portfolio with another historical time period. Also, to help you define today’s period by looking at another moment in art history.

Online exhibition

For the young curator, we will explore what it means to curate and mount a show. Research and find artists in your peer group, develop an idea for an exhibition, and mount the show for online view. Explore an idea that runs through a collection of artworks, and develop the narrative that links the work together.

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