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Molly H

- Research Program Mentor

MBA at University of Notre Dame


Marketing, economics, business analytics, sports analytics, consulting, pricing, sports market analysis


Molly is an economics major with an MBA dedicated to using theory and critical thinking to derive creative solutions to real-world problems. She found a home in economics because of the mix of theory and quantitative analysis, and she has been able to apply economic principles in her career in business. Molly has always valued the "why" behind the numbers - something that drove her academically and continues to drive her professionally. Molly's primary interest lies in the sports industry, particularly in the business behind sports but also in sports performance. She was an athlete growing up and played Division I Soccer in college, but she really is a fan of all sports and follows them all closely. In her free time, Molly enjoys watching sports, cooking, and spending time with her friends.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Marketing to Free Agents

One project idea that I have had since writing my senior thesis involves combining the business and performance side of sports. When a player hits free agency in any sport, teams and General Managers across the league throw money at the player in hopes that he or she will sign with their team. However, choosing a new team is a life-altering decision that incorporates more than just salary as we have seen all too often. The goal of this research would be to derive a sales and marketing strategy with which General Managers can approach free agents. Through determining which factors - including salary, city quality, cost of living, team quality, etc. - move the needle most for players, this strategy could effectively help teams market themselves to free agents and increase the likelihood of not only signing their desired players, but potentially signing them for a discounted price.

Roster Optimization Under a Salary Cap

For teams competing in leagues in which they face a salary cap, the proper allocation of the cap is crucial to both short-term and long-term team success. Historically, teams have tried to assign value to performance, with statistics like points, playing time, and age playing large roles in contract value. This project would focus on the ideal distribution of value and performance throughout the lineup of championship-winning teams. By applying macroeconomic wealth distribution principles, this project would identify the ideal distribution of a number of factors, including salary cap, goals, points, and playing time.

Coding skills


Teaching experience

I have worked both as a tutor and a TA for college students across a variety of subjects including economics, mathematics, and marketing. Additionally, I was elected Captain of both my Division I Soccer team in college and my Varsity Soccer team in high school, providing me with experience in mentoring younger players.


Work experience

Kraft Analytics Group (2022 - Current)
MOGL (2021 - 2022)
Strategy and Business Development Manager


Colorado College
BA Bachelor of Arts (2020)
University of Notre Dame
MBA Master of Business Administration (2022)
Marketing and Business Analytics

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