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Joshua M

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Civil Engineering, General Engineering, Community resilience, Risk & reliability, Education

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Survey on views of disaster/natural hazard risk in "X" region

The student will learn to craft survey questions and poll their community about topics related to climate, natural hazard risk, and preparedness strategies to see how people understand the risks in their environment. This can help determine the types of information leaders should focus on promoting when informing the community about a natural hazard risk and what groups & demographics (e.g. 18-35 yrs. old) should be targeted. The student will be encouraged to think critically about why there may/may not be gaps in understanding for different groups. This project will introduce the student to survey development, obtaining permission for human subjects research, statistics, and improve science communication skills

Coding skills

R, Python (Intermediate)

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