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Rachel B

- Research Program Mentor

PhD at Indiana University - Bloomington


refugee health diplomacy and policy, Middle East and North Africa


Rachel Nefertari Boveja, is a multicultural health diplomacy consultant and public health educator specializing in African and Middle Eastern refugee health policy. Rachel is the Global & International Studies Career Coach for the IU Walter Center for Career Achievement and Adjunct Professor in the IU School of Public Health. Her passion for blending education, cultural understanding, diplomacy, and wellness demonstrates her love for holistic and interdisciplinary work. This passion continues with her graduate studies in International Affairs. When not studying, Rachel loves playing tennis, traveling, raising awareness for Epilepsy and serving as the Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Co-Chair for Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security (WCAPS) in Washington, D.C.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Meet & Interview Students Abroad!

As a global citizen, I am fascinated by the world's many cultures. In this project, you will choose three high school students from one country to interview. Topics could range from "Day in the life" to "what are their hopes for the future?". This process will teach you how to find and access interview candidates, develop interview questions and summarize your findings in a final journal article/blog post for a school publication. You will gain skills in writing, communication, editing, cultural awareness, comparative learning as well as how to make new connections around the world.

Wellness Fun - Public Service Announcement

As a result of the pandemic, wellness is on everyone's mind. In this project, you will develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a fun wellness technique for students your age. Topics can range from " Getting outside into nature" to "the benefits of yoga". This process will teach you how to research wellness trends for your age group, develop a media presentation (Instagram story, TikTok video, or Powerpoint, etc) to promote this trend and disseminate your findings with your school or community. You will gain skills in writing, editing, communication, researching scientifically backed wellness trends and engaging your peers in fun activities!

Podcast: Neurodiversity and Culture

You will develop a podcast centering on the impact of culture on teenagers who are neurodiverse. Culture can be described as family heritage and traditions, community culture, school culture or workplace culture. Topics can range from teenagers who manage having ADHD, ADD, Autism, Epilepsy, etc. This process will teach you how to tap into current studies regarding neurodiversity, communicate publicly about the intersection of culture and learning/living/being with neurodiversity, and to raise awareness about the services and resources associated with neurodiversity. You will gain skills in writing, editing, communication, technology, digital services, and community engagement statregies.

Languages I know

Egyptian Arabic - conversational speaking, intermediate reading and writing; Italian - conversational speaking, intermediate reading and writing


Work experience

Indiana Unviersity Walter Center for Career Achievement (2021 - Current)
Global and International Studies Career Coach and Instructor
Indiana Unversity School of Public Health (2015 - Current)
Adjunct Professor (Formally Associate Instructor)
IU Center for Innovatie Teacheing and Learning (2016 - 2018)
Diversity Intern


Indiana University at Bloomington
BA Bachelor of Arts (2008)
Social & Behavioral Studies/Business
Indiana University at Bloomington
MS Master of Science (2014)
Education; Curriculum & Instruction
Indiana University - Bloomington
PhD Doctor of Philosophy (2020)
Health Behavior & Global Studies

Completed Projects

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