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Madeline M

- Research Program Mentor

MS candidate at Yale University


Biology, Human Health, Medicine, Public Health, Environmental Science


Hello! My name is Madeline and I am headed off to Yale's School of Medicine next year to attend their PA program.graduated. I've always known I want to pursue a career in medicine but also love the environment. I combined both my passions in undergrad by studying both environmental science and biology with an environmental health concentration at UNC Chapel Hill. My current two roles in dermatology and emergency medicine have furthered my love and interest in medicine. Besides my love for medicine, I enjoy staying very active. I am on multiple soccer teams and workout regularly. I also enjoy reading, embroidery, and I have joined my local bee keeping club.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Literature Review

Pick a topic of interest. After narrowing down to a more specific scope inside that topic, check out what literature and data already exists. This will allow you to explore and learn more about this topic that interests you, as well as delve into what there is a lack of in the field. Gathering this info, you can write a short literature review discussing your findings and what research still needs to be done. This was a crucial step in my own research within emergency medicine.

Coding skills


Languages I know

French, intermediate

Teaching experience

I was a nanny for a young elementary school boy for 4 years. During COVID, I tutored him completely through his remote school. This was difficult but rewarding for us both and furthered my passion for helping a younger generation which is why I sought out opportunities here. I had to guide him through online lectures, homework, school projects, papers, and much more throughout and after the school day.


Work experience

Integrated Dermatology (2021 - Current)
Medical Assistant
UNC Chapel Hill Emergency Department (2019 - Current)
Research Assistant


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill)
BS Bachelor of Science (2021)
Environmental Science and Biology
Yale University
MS Master of Science candidate
Physician Assistant

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