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Kate L

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


biology, microbiology, ecology, evolution, genetics, zoonotic disease emergence, antimicrobial resistance, conservation

Project ideas

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A literature review on the current understanding of the impacts of captivity on wild animal microbiomes

Animals in captivity are often treated with antibiotics, have very close contact with humans, and are usually fed a diet different from what they would experience in the wild. All these factors impact the gut microbiota of wild individuals held in captivity. Captivity can be a positive intervention when animals are injured and need rehabilitation, or to help increase wild populations through captive breed and rearing programs, but the health effects of altered microbiomes caused by such practices remain under-investigated. This review article would contribute to the field by synthesizing current knowledge and summarizing results from investigations into the impacts of captivity on microbiomes, ultimately identifying gaps in the literature and therefore future research priorities.

Coding skills

R, bash, python

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