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- Research Program Mentor

MPP at Harvard University


Mathematics, Social Sciences, Public Policy, Human Rights, International Relations


Litcy Kurisinkal has a Masters in Mathematics, Masters in Public Policy and a Diploma in Human Rights Law. My education from Harvard University-US, University of Cambridge-UK, Delhi University & National Law School - India has given me a very enriched, yet diverse academic experiences. Such multi-specializations and diversity of education have given me the skills to take a very nuanced and creative approach in my endeavors by bringing the best of my knowledge in Math, Public Policy and Human Rights /Social Justice issues. In Math, I love connecting math theories to the real world scenarios and making Math more accessible to people. I want people to see Math as a story and understand the mystery within it and enjoy it. I volunteer to teach Mathematics in Cook County jail in Chicago, USA to help the inmates pass the High School Diploma. My experience in the US political campaigns, legislative and issue based advocacy have given me a macroperspective on international affairs as well as US domestic politics. I have a strong research background in human rights issues ranging from civil and political rights, child rights, labor rights, migrant rights. I am intrigued by people. I genuinely wish to get to know people, understand how they think, what their underlying intentions are and how it influences their behavior and decision-making. I strongly believe that our actions should be meaningful and lead towards upholding human dignity. One of my favorite quotes is "It is your world! Shape it or somebody else will".

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Are Rights of the Child a myth or reality?

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the International Treaty that talks about the Rights of Children (Any person under the age of 18). The research can explore how different countries are implementing CRC. It can also study how children understand CRC and how they use their rights in their own personal life.

Is Number System a dynamic concept?

Number system is such a fascinating concept in Math if you explore its origins and evolution. When a Kindergartner perceives it as a consecutive series of positive numbers, the concept evolves and brings out more and more hidden characteristics such as negative and positive numbers, rational and irrational numbers, complex numbers, thus adding more complexity to something that was seen as simple. As we go higher up, we realize that between any two numbers, there is an infinite number of numbers since irrational numbers continue like a never ending story. A research to understand the dynamics of number system would be a fun journey.

Do Mathematics and Fiction intersect?

Mathematics is often seen as a complicated subject that is tedious to understand. However, there are many fun books for children and adults to make Mathematics more accessible to people. For example Sir Cumference series. The aim of the research is to compile the list of all fictional series on Mathematics and analyze if they meet the objective of bringing Math closer to people.

Will educating incarcerated people reduce/prevent crimes in the US?

The US has the largest number of incarcerated people in the world. A study to understand why the US has such a high rate of incarceration rates and how we can reduce it. Will educating incarcerated people help them take a new path and become the Ambassadors to reduce crime in this country?

Languages I know

Hindi, Malayalam, Basic French

Teaching experience

I have taught Mathematics for under-graduate students in Kerala, India. Currently, I teach Mathematics and Social Sciences for the incarcerated people in Cook County Jail to help them get High School Diploma.


Work experience

UN Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) (2022 - Current)
UNV- Researcher
UN Special Rapporteur on Sale & Sexual exploitation of children (2014 - 2018)
External Research Support
US Biden-Harris Presidential Campaign (2021 - 2022)
Illinois Digital Campaign Co-Lead; South Asian For Biden Core team
UNDP, ILO, SEIU - UNI project, CARAM-ASIA Projects (2004 - 2011)
Labor Research Consultant


Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
BS Bachelor of Science (1996)
University of Delhi
MS Master of Science (1999)
Harvard University
MPP Master of Public Policy (2013)
Human Rights Policy, International Global Affairs

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