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Benjamin K

- Research Program Mentor

MS Master of Science candidate


Anything related to python, sql, java, biology, data science, or Spanish

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Finding the Optimal Study Method

There is no shortage of suggestions found from a variety of sources on the best way to study for an important test. Are flash cards the best way to memorize things? What about writing a song with lyrics based on the test subject? How about teaching a friend or family member? Using research design and computer science skills we can find the answer to which study method is best within a particular school/community. Some important questions to think about include: -What kind of test would we use to measure study effectiveness? Would it be memorization or analysis based, or both? -How would we set up the experiment and control our variables to best ensure that the results come only as a result of the students' method of study? -How would we represent our data and perform the necessary statistical tests in a programming environment?

Coding skills

Python, Java, SQL, R, C++

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