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Kelsey F

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Genetics/genomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics

Project ideas

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How do epigenetic marks vary between alleles in individuals?

Each of our cells contain a complete copy of our genome which is made up of over 3 billion bases (A,T,G,C). Our genome is tightly regulated to organize, maintain, and easily access all of that information. One mechanism of genome regulation is through epigenetic marks that affect chromatin structure - how tightly or loosely packed the DNA is. This can vary across individuals and within one individual between the two different copies of each chromosome (one from mom & one from dad). Analyze long read DNA sequencing data to gain insight in how certain epigenetic marks can vary between alleles for the same gene in one individual. (image from

Coding skills

python, bash, some R,

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