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Amy T

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Cancer Biology, Molecular/Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Science Communication, Immunology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Cell Death, Metabolism

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Project 1: How to Cure Cancer

How do scientists develop new therapies for cancer? The goal of this project is for students to brainstorm new ways to treat cancer. Students will conduct their own guided research on the biology of cancer and create a written or oral presentation about a new way to treat cancer. Along the way, students will learn the core principles of molecular and cellular biology, develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, learn to design rigorous experiments, and be challenged to think creatively about real-world scientific problems. This project will lay strong foundations to prepare students for college-level biology/pre-med courses, as well as laboratory research in the life sciences.

Project 2: The Book of the Dead

Did you know that there are many ways for cells to die? Why is cell death important for health and disease? The goal of this project is for students to research the fascinating biology of cell death and create their own blog, website or 'zine about cell death. This project will teach students the basic principles of cellular and molecular biology, scientific communication, and information design. Students will gain experience creating and analyzing scientific data and visuals, and will learn how to present complex scientific ideas in an accessible manner. This project will help build skills important for future studies in both the humanities and STEM fields.


"Amy made scientific literature approachable. I don't think I am capable of giving a higher compliment than that. I was very apprehensive about trying to write a research paper, but her awesome hand outs, detailed explanations, and her thoughtful and specific advice really were key to my success. I am so incredibly happy to have been matched with her, as along with her focus on academic rigor and specificity, she is also unfailingly kind. I still can't believe that I actually wrote a research paper, and Amy's help and guidance was definitely very important to my success."

Prokriti from Sammamish, WA

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"Amy was an amazing mentor who greatly advised me with my project. She went above and beyond to help me develop skills that I not only used in writing my review article but those that I will also use in my future endeavors. For example, she taught me how to research, how to write a review article, how to properly make biology diagrams, and many more assets that I will practice in my coming projects."

Tanvi from Santa Clara, CA

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