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Jonathan L

- Research Program Mentor

MD candidate at Stanford University




My name is Jonathan and I’m a first-year medical student at Stanford pursuing my Doctorate in Medicine. Being born and raised in New York City came with its many perks as I got to experience the city life in the greatest city in the world, meet many entrepreneurially minded individuals, and compete as a fencer amongst some of the best in the world. Afterwards, I studied biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania where I served on the board for Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania and helped organize a large-scale in-person science competition for high school students across the nation. Under the mentorship of Dr. Julio Chirinos MD, PhD, I also led a team of physicians as a Core Lab Manager and researched various methods of non-invasively assessing cardiovascular structure and function. I collaborated with various companies including Microsoft and Fukuda Denshi to test their novel wearables and medical devices in heart failure patients while also assisting in the development of a machine learning model in recognizing and segmenting cardiac ultrasound images. During my time there, I’ve helped co-author over 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals including one first authorship. I’ve continued to grow my interest in Biodesign and Digital Health at Stanford through projects with esteemed faculty members in the plastic and orthopedic surgery department. In my free time, I also enjoy playing board games with friends, driving through the mountains or along the coast, and playing basketball.

Project ideas

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Orthopedic Surgery Recovery from ACL Injuries and Subsequent Total Knee Replacements

ACL tears are a common sports injury among athletes and can be incredibly debilitating while predisposing an individual to many rheumatoid diseases in the future including osteoarthritis, one of the primary indications for total knee replacements. However, the relationship between recovery time from ACL injuries and risk of subsequent total knee replacement is not well understood.

Coding skills

R, python

Languages I know

Chinese (Mandarin), intermediate

Teaching experience

Have previous experience mentoring as a peer advisor and pre-major advisor for the Biochemistry department at the University of Pennsylvania during my undergraduate years. In addition, since matriculating to medical school, I have garnered more experience mentoring students on the pre-med track who are interested in pursuing medical school. I've also TA'd (past and current) several classes at Stanford University School of Medicine including Introducing Specialties Career Seminar, Neurobiology, and Practical Introduction to Clinical Research: A Primer by Surgeons Writing About Trauma.



University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
BA Bachelor of Arts (2020)
Stanford University
MD Doctor of Medicine candidate

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