An internship opportunity is a great way for any student to get a headstart in their professional career. Starting early can allow you to explore different fields to find what area of expertise interests you most, and starting in high school means you can shape your collegiate educational experience based on your internship experience. For those who are computationally inclined, we’ll be looking at ten internships within the field of computer science that you can pursue to understand better what the day-to-day looks like in a computer science role. 

#1 Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

  1. Hosting Company: Google

  2. Format: Online

  3. Application Deadline: Mid-February

Ever wanted to shadow a software engineer? Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute is an immersive experience for students to better understand life at Google, as well as what computer scientists do day-to-day. This three-week youth program is meant to foster diversity and inclusivity in tech, as students gain hands-on coding experience, engage in a collaborative research project, and connect with industry professionals. CSSI goes beyond just coding, offering insights into Google’s many innovative projects. Unfortunately, CSSI was not offered in 2023 but looks to make a return in 2024. 

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#2 Microsoft Discovery Program

  1. Hosting Company: Microsoft

  2. Format: In-person

  3. Application Deadline: March

Students will have the opportunity to elevate their understanding of information technology through the Microsoft Discovery Program. This summer program allows students to work on real-world projects alongside industry experts, gaining not only significant computer science experience but also networking opportunities. Two key requirements to be eligible for this program are that you must live within 50 miles of Redmond, Washington, and you must be a rising college freshman. Consequentially, this is a great summer internship opportunity for high school seniors or gap year students wanting computer engineering experience prior to entering college. 

#3 NASA Internships

  1. Hosting Company: NASA

  2. Format: In-person or virtual

  3. Application Deadline: Depends on program

If you’re a high school student interested in space or astrophysics and its intersection with computer science, an internship at NASA is the perfect option for you. NASA offers a plethora of internship opportunities, many focused in the area of computer science. Although many of their internships are tailored for college students due to the complicated nature of the content, NASA offers a few high school internships that are meant as introductory opportunities for students looking to delve into the world of astrophysics. 

#4 Meta Summer Academy

  1. Hosting Company: Meta

  2. Format: In-person

  3. Application Deadline: March

This six-week internship hosted by Meta is tailored for sophomores in high school who are residents of East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, North Fair Oaks, or Redwood City. The Meta Summer Academy is an excellent opportunity to work at one of the world’s premier social media companies and offers “externs,” a unique experience, engaging in hands-on projects, collaborating with skilled professionals, and gaining insights into Meta’s groundbreaking technologies. Working with Meta Summer Academy's AI scholars will enhance your technical skills as well as help you shape the future of social technology. 

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#5 Intel Summer Internships

  1. Hosting Company: Intel

  2. Format: In-person or virtual

  3. Application Deadline: Depends on program

Intel, similar to NASA, offers many different internship opportunities, with some available to high schoolers. Due to the nature of Intel’s work, many of these internship opportunities fall in the space of computer science, opening up the ability for high school interns to get a headstart on their computer science careers. Students will have the ability to work on real-world problems while also expanding their computer science network at a top company. 

#6 Amazon Future Engineer Program

  1. Hosting Company: Amazon

  2. Format: In-person/Virtual

  3. Application Deadline: Mid-December

Although not directly an internship program, the Amazon Future Engineer Program is a comprehensive program that provides students with guidance on how to navigate a path in the field of computer science. Getting accepted to this prestigious program will allow students to gain access to scholarships, top courses offered by Amazon, career tours, and eventually an internship at Amazon. To qualify for this program, you must have taken a computer science, engineering, or robotics course in high school, and you must intend to pursue a similar degree in college. 

#7 Ladder Internships

  1. Hosting Company: Varies

  2. Format: Virtual

  3. Application Deadline: April/May

Ladder Internships is a program that matches high-achieving high school students interested in computer science with startups tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. This is a great opportunity for students who may not want a traditional big corporation internship, and would rather pursue a more intimate environment and be tasked with greater responsibility. Students work with both the company and Ladder, being assigned to a Ladder Coach who will help guide them throughout their summer internship. 

#8 Sandia Internships

  1. Hosting Company: Sandia

  2. Format: In-person

  3. Application Deadline: Depends on program

Sandia is a national contractor for the US Department of Energy. They focus specifically on Nuclear Energy, so if this is an area of interest to you, a Sandia internship may be the perfect solution. Sandia typically offers internships to undergraduates, but there are some opportunities available for high school students if you search through the website. These internships typically focus on areas such as software development and cybersecurity. 

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#9 Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

  1. Hosting Company: National Security Agency (NSA)

  2. Format: In-person

  3. Application Deadline: September/October

The Stokes Educational Scholarship Program is a scholarship program that is aimed at students pursuing studies in computer science or electrical engineering. The program offers annual $30,000 scholarships for tuition, as well as the opportunity to work for the NSA for three months. However, this scholarship offers guaranteed employment at the NSA after graduation. If a career in tech in the government seems of interest to you, then this is the perfect opportunity. If you don’t like the idea of being bound to one job prospect though, this might not be the best option. 

#10 RISE Internship

  1. Hosting Company: Boston University

  2. Format: In-person

  3. Application Deadline: Mid-February

RISE is a great opportunity for students interested in research. Boston University’s RISE program allows high school rising seniors to conduct research in an area of their interest (including computer science) under esteemed faculty at the school. Additionally, upon completing the program, students will present their research project at a Poster Symposium and have the opportunity to submit it to national contests. 

Embarking on a computer science internship as a high schooler is a great way to dive into the ever-evolving technology landscape. These ten internships offer a glimpse into the world of innovation, providing hands-on expertise, mentorship, and a pathway to a future in computer science.