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Polygence is Showcased for the Support it Offers Grad Students

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At Polygence, we pride ourselves on being a student-driven research program. We encourage our students to take the lead on their projects every step of the way as it’s our goal to democratize education, giving young scholars an opportunity to explore their interests in ways they couldn’t through traditional schooling.

However, we also pride ourselves on the support we offer our mentors, who are just as essential to the success of our program. Being a graduate student is not easy in terms of studies or finances. Thus, it can be an incredibly stressful time in the lives of Master’s and PhD candidates. Polygence gives them a chance to ease some of those financial stressors by researching what they love and helping in the advancement of future generations.

In the following podcast, Personal Finance for PhDs, our co-founder, Jin Chow, and mentor affairs coordinator, Stephen Weber, talk about the origins of Polygence and how it can now become a great source of income for graduate students. Even more so, Jin, Stephen, and the show’s host, Emily Roberts, go over other ways to approach side hustles as a student, creating a start-up yourself, and what makes a good Polygence mentor.

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