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A Guide to the Math Prize for Girls

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The Math Prize for Girls is more than just a math olympiad; it's a celebration of talent, intellect, and the breaking down of gender barriers in the field of mathematics. This unique event, specifically designed for high school girls, serves as a beacon of empowerment and encouragement for young women pursuing excellence in mathematics.

This girls’ contest aims to recognize and reward exceptional problem-solving abilities among high school girls, fostering a supportive environment that champions diversity and promotes gender equity in a traditionally male-dominated field. Organized by the Advantage Testing Foundation, this annual American mathematics competition has become a pivotal platform for young women to showcase their mathematical creativity, win a cash prize, and be celebrated for their achievements.

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One of the key features of the Math Prize for Girls is its commitment to challenging problems that go beyond the standard curriculum. The competition's problem sets are crafted to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Participants are not only tested on their computational abilities but are also challenged to think critically and approach problems with ingenuity. This approach not only enriches the competition experience but also prepares participants for the rigors of advanced mathematical study. 

The collaborative and supportive atmosphere of the Math Prize for Girls sets it apart from other competitions. The event brings together like-minded young women who share a passion for mathematics, creating a community that fosters encouragement and camaraderie. This sense of belonging is crucial in combating stereotypes and dispelling the notion that mathematics is a field reserved for men. By showcasing the talents of high-achieving young women, the Math Prize for Girls inspires others to pursue their interests in mathematics fearlessly. Moreover, the competition serves as a springboard for further academic and professional opportunities.

Winners and participants of the Math Prize for Girls often gain recognition from prestigious institutions and universities, opening doors to scholarships, mentorship programs, and internships. It offers a total of $100,000 in cash prizes, with the top 10 winners receiving varying amounts, including a $50,000 1st Prize. There's also a $2,000 "Youth Prize" for the top performer in 9th grade or below. In the case of ties, prize money is split evenly, and tiebreakers are used for trophy distribution only. Additionally, all contestants receive gifts, including a one-year license for Wolfram One and Wolfram Alpha Pro software. The top 35 performers are invited to participate in the Advantage Testing Foundation / Jane Street Math Prize Olympiad, a proof-based contest held at their school in November or December. Furthermore, any girl who receives an honorable mention or better may boost her resume for college admission or qualify for merit scholarships to the MathCamp summer program, providing additional educational opportunities. 

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The ripple effect of such recognition extends beyond the individual participants, contributing to the broader movement for gender equality in STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Eligibility criteria to be a contestant and application details can be found here, and are also summarized below:

1. Be in 11th grade or below at the time of application.

2. Identify as Female.

3. Reside in the United States or Canada. If not, contact the organizers for documentation requirements.

4. Have taken an official administration of the AMC 10 or AMC 12 exam during the competition cycle.

5. Not be an immediate family member of an Advantage Testing employee.

Apart from the recognition and prestige, this Massachusetts Institute of Technology-hosted event fosters a sense of community among young women with exceptional potential who share a passion for mathematics. As we navigate the 21st century, it is crucial to dismantle gender biases and encourage young women to pursue careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. The Math Prize for Girls acts as a guiding light, proving that not only do high school girls have the capability to excel in mathematics, but they can also thrive and make significant contributions to the field. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria, apply here!

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