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6-week course

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Community Psychology: Dive into the fundamentals of psychology's impact on communities and social justice

This Pod will meet once per week for 6 weeks, starting on June 3, 2024 at 7:00pm EDT/4:00pm PDT, with the last session being Monday July 8, 2024.

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Date and time

Monday, 7:00pm EDT/4:00pm PDT

Group size

3-6 students


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Oyesola Oluwafunmilayo

PhD in Psychology

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Community Psychology: Dive into the fundamentals of psychology's impact on communities and social justice

In this pod you will explore the theories, research, and practical applications that inform the fields of community psychology and social justice. We'll focuses on understanding and addressing the social, cultural, and systemic factors that influence well-being and social inequities. Through this process, you'll learn about conducting research and develop a skill set you can use to work to make changes you'd like to see in your community.


Oyesola Oluwafunmilayo

PhD in Psychology

I'm Funmi. I am an Applied Psychologist, Community-engaged Researcher, and Program Evaluation Specialist with over 7 years of experience in developing and implementing quantitative and qualitative research studies, and conducting process and outcome evaluations in sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response. My work focuses on mixed-methods evaluations of community interventions for survivors of gender-based violence, improving the community response to gender-based violence, evaluating victim service programs, and policy advocacy with community-based groups, and national and international organizations. I am also an experienced facilitator and trainer in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, program management, and M&E. In addition to my work, I find joy in traveling and exploring new cultures and sights with my family and friends, trying new sweet desserts, watching TV shows/movies, and reading modern classics by West African authors.

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Community Psychology: Dive into the fundamentals of psychology's impact on communities and social justice

Week by week curriculum

Week 1

Introduction and Foundations of Community Psychology - In our 1st session, I'll provide an overview of community psychology including its definition and role in promoting social justice and community well-being. We will discuss the core principles of community psychology, such as empowerment, collaboration, and prevention.

Week 2

Social Justice and Community Action - In session 2, we will explore the intersection of community psychology and social justice issues. We will discuss social inequalities and their effects on communities. We will also review theories and strategies for community action and social change.

Week 3

Addressing Inequality and Oppression - In session 3, We will explore how community psychology addresses inequality and oppression. We will also discuss the impact of systemic discrimination and how community psychology can empower marginalized communities.

Week 4

Conducting Community-based Research - In our 4th session, I'll provide an overview of the role of research in community psychology and how it can be used to promote social change. We will review the history and key concepts of community-based participatory research, and explore different research methods, including surveys, focus groups, and participatory approaches. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of community-based research approaches.

Week 5

Prevention and Intervention - In session 5, we'll review theories and strategies for prevention and intervention in community psychology. We will discuss evidence-based practices for addressing community problems and promoting well-being.

Week 6

Wrap-up and Presentations - For session 6, we will wrap up the course with a brief review of content covered throughout the sessions and a discussion about the importance of building partnerships across sectors, and sustaining community-based initiatives. Students will take turns presenting their project to the group and give and receive peer feedback.