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6-week course

All Pods / Public Policy

The Future Changemaker’s Guide: Understanding and influencing government's impact on your life

This Pod will meet once per week for 6 weeks, starting on June 18, 2024 at 7:00pm EDT/4:00pm PDT, with the last session being Tuesday July 23, 2024.

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Date and time

Tuesday, 7:00pm EDT/4:00pm PDT

Group size

3-6 students


An op-ed about a current policy issue at any level of government. Additionally, some students may work towards publishing an article in a pre-print research archive, if they choose.



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Cornell University MPA candidate in Public Policy

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The Future Changemaker’s Guide: Understanding and influencing government's impact on your life

Government is at work all around us: every time we mail a letter, drive in a car, even when we check out at a grocery store. So often, government feels so out of touch that it’s invisible, yet it leaves its fingerprints all over our lives. In this pod, future politicians, lawyers, journalists, and activists of all kinds will learn the basic functions of each level of U.S. government through theory and the exploration of current events, as well as understand the power individuals have to influence their communities. By the end of the pod, you’ll know how to keep up with the issues you care most about and how to persuade others to care about them, too.



Cornell University MPA candidate

I recently attained my Master of Public Administration degree with a focus in Agriculture and Environmental Policy from Cornell University. I graduated with a double major in History and Environmental Policy from Duke University in 2014. I enrolled at Cornell after seven years in brand marketing in the private sector, and I continue mentoring in this space to this day. My business experience has taught me the necessity of storytelling, strong business and financial acumen, and digital media capabilities. I currently design urban agriculture curriculum for federal policymakers. In addition to studying policy and business, I enjoy cooking, playing guitar, traveling, and running with my dog. I've lived in seven states in the United States and abroad in England and Denmark. I love talking about others' experiences and look forward to connecting with you!

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The Future Changemaker’s Guide: Understanding and influencing government's impact on your life

Week by week curriculum

Week 1

The big picture. We’ll begin with a brief introduction to U.S. government. Students will be able to describe the federal system and give an overview of what each level of government is typically responsible for.

Week 2

When a bill becomes law. Schoolhouse Rock didn’t tell you the whole story. Students will be able to map the process from lawmaking to execution, including executive rulemaking, public comment, and regulation.

Week 3

The District. The federal government makes headlines across the nation and is our highest level of government. Students will be able to specifically explain the interplay between the federal Legislative and Executive branches and the limits imposed on the federal government by the Constitution.

Week 4

Division of power. Students will be able to distinguish between state and federal government and uncover which milestones are most important in their own state Legislative calendars.

Week 5

Your own backyard. Students will be able to discuss the services their local governments provide and the many touchpoints that exist for engaging in local government, from school boards to community boards to city councils.

Week 6

Civil society. Students will be able to explain why politics aren’t the only important players in government and will be able to describe the functions of journalism, civil society, and academia in setting the parameters for government action.