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The Most Flexible Research Program for High School Students

Success is built on passions

Discover, explore, and showcase your passions through a personalized research project with an expert mentor to gain valuable pre-college experience and help you stand out.

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Why choose Polygence?

Polygence is dedicated to democratizing access to research opportunities for high school students. Our team of academics and educators is united in this passion. Together, we have expertise across STEM, the arts, and the humanities that we are excited to share with interested students.

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Our students say it best

Thousands of students have completed life-changing projects with Polygence. Don’t just take our word for it!

"The idea that you can do anything, or you can have an effect on a really big problem…that’s something I developed through Polygence and with my mentor."

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Polygence and the Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) transferable credit program

We are proud to partner with the pre-collegiate Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) at a top US research university to allow students the opportunity to apply to a research writing program for the chance to earn 3 academic credits.

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Mentor Spotlight

You'll get matched with three mentors from our network of over 2000 mentors specializing in every field you can imagine:

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Expert mentors from top universities and industries

Polygence mentors are selected based on their exceptional academic background, teaching experience, and unique ability to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.

Our expert mentors come from the top universities in the world. Once you embark on your Polygence project, we take into account your background and passion to match you with the best mentor for you. Polygence has a pool of 2000+ mentors with over 40 subjects represented, so we can find the right expert to guide you throughout your research. Your mentor will coach you through your project and expose you to academic research beyond the high school level.

Universities and Industries

Our Innovation Partners

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Stanford University and Polygence research partnership

Polygence has partnered with Stanford University to provide state-of-the-art pedagogical feedback for our mentors.

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MIT and Polygence partner through the Sandbox Innovation Program

Polygence was incubated at MIT as part of its Sandbox Innovation Program.

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Polygence Knowledge Hub

Your go-to place for finding your Why - Resources for discovering your passion, exploring career paths, and getting accepted in to the college of your dreams.

Polygence co-founder Jin Yun Chow featured on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for Education

Forbes recently recognized Jin’s far-reaching impact on education with a place on its 30 Under 30 List for 2023

Polygence co-founder Jin Yun Chow