Polygence White Paper

High School Research Projects — The Key to Test-Optional College Admissions

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  • Understand the history of research portfolios in college admissions.
  • Look behind the scenes at how Harvard scores applicants.
  • Develop strategies that help students to distinguish themselves.
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As we continue to adjust to the college application process post-pandemic, the role of standardized testing remains in flux. Amidst this shifting landscape, though, one thing remains clear: students who submit portfolios of research and other creative projects stand out.

This report provides a concise historical overview of research portfolios in college admissions and provides data-based evidence that demonstrates their power in student applications. By parsing data published by Harvard as part of its recent admissions lawsuit and comparing it with the measured success of applicants who complete Polygence research projects, the white paper offers a compelling path for students applying to the most competitive research universities.