The Polygence Symposium of Rising Scholars is an academic conference where pre-collegiate students present and share their research with their peers and a panel of experts. Founded in June 2020, the Symposium's mission is to give pre-collegiate students a taste of conference presentations, academic networking, as well as a chance to meet some of their fields' finest scholars.

At the Symposium, Polygence will feature Professor Margot Gerritsen and her talk “Jumping into the Research Pool: the Water is Lovely!” at 9:15-9:40am PST. Prof. Gerritsen is the professor of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University and a Senior Associate Dean for Educational Initiatives. Margot Gerritsen completed her doctorate in 1996 in scientific computing and computational mathematics at Stanford.

In addition, independent education counselor John Gardezi will also be hosting a panel sharing his advice and experiences helping students prepare for college by incorporating research projects into their academic portfolio 11:00-11:30am PST.

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