4-Session Pathfinders Program

We are really glad to see you here! While our flagship program is 10-sessions long, Polygence is launching a 4-session program for students who want a more intensive but shorter research experience. Below is a sneak peak of the program details. In the meantime, express your interest by completing the form below!

Program Milestones:

Session 1:

  • Get to know your mentor and decide on a topic to explore!
  • Discussion of preliminary and introductory materials related to the topic.

Session 2:

  • Explore and discuss and analyze materials related to your topic.

Session 3:

  • Explore and discuss and analyze materials related to your topic.
  • By the end of Session 3, you should have your research question and elevator pitch abstract ready to go!

Session 4:

  • Write-up of your learning experience + an outline of next steps for further research.
  • The Write-Up can take the form of a research journal, a blog post, a short review paper, etc.

Who should be a Polygence Pathfinder?

  • Students who are simply hungry to dive deep into a topic of their choice but don’t know where to start!
  • Students who are interested in eventually doing their own larger-scale project but have trouble picking a topic and research question
  • Students who don’t have the time for our flagship 10-session program but want to get a taste of what is involved in conducting independent research.

Program Details

  • Tuition: $750 USD (need-based financial aid available)
  • Duration: 4 (1-hr) sessions spread out over the course of a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Start date: TBD; join our waitlist!

Questions or suggestions? Email students@polygence.org