Polygence Scholarship Program

Polygence is an online research academy founded by Harvard, MIT, and Stanford researchers with the mission of revolutionizing education - one project at a time. A large part of that mission is to democratize access to research and to project-based learning and to empower as many students as we can.

At Polygence, students work alongside expert mentors to explore their academic passions, develop new skills, and reach their full intellectual potential—and we believe each and every single student deserves access to this opportunity. This is why Polygence has, since its foundation, built a scholarship program that offers partial and full financial support to students with demonstrated need.

Polygence scholarships are funded through the Polygence Scholars Foundation - a 501(c)(3) non profit sponsored by the Edward Charles Foundation, which provides oversight and compliance support for charitable projects.

Polygence also partners with a number of non-profits, grass-roots organizations, and public schools to offer our flagship research program to select students on a pro bono or subsidized basis. Some of these institutions include:

Are you a student interested in applying for need-based scholarships and financial aid? Complete these steps to be considered! All students are eligible to be considered for financial aid, regardless of country of residence.

  1. Apply here by the next cohort deadline.
  2. Check off the box “scholarship applicant” in your student application
  3. Upload relevant financial documents (tax return information) to your application
  4. Submit!

You will receive information on your expected tuition contribution in a few weeks!

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