The Polygence Journey

Polygence offers a fully guided by an expert mentor personalized passion project experience

The Program

The Polygence Program consists of 10 one-on-one sessions between the student and mentor. The program is structured around 3 Milestones in addition to regular assignments to ensure students make steady progress on their project. Given the diversity of projects, these milestones are designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate any and all types of projects. Throughout the program students are offered two rounds of feedback through an External Project Review.

Polygence Program

The Application Process


Initial Application

At Polygence, students define their own interests and projects. In the application students provide their background and interests, and what they would like to explore


Consultative Call

If necessary, we make work with the student to help them develop a subject, topic, or issue that they are truly passionate about exploring


Accepted + Matched

If the student is a good fit for the program, then their application will be sent to our cohort of available mentors for review. It is ultimately up to a mentor to accept a student’s project

Additional Support

External Project Review Program

All students enrolled in the Polygence program are offered two (2) rounds of External Project Review by selected Project Fellows. For students looking for detailed writing feedback, the review can take this format for relevant projects (e.g. papers, podcast scripts, artist statements, screenplay, etc)

College Credit Program

Polygence is thrilled to partner with the University of California at Irvine’s Gifted and Talented Institute (UCI x GATI). This program is not included in Polygence’s tuition, and students will be invited to apply mid-way through the project if they are in good standing

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Biannual Symposium Showcase

Twice a year Polygence offers a virtual showcasing opportunity for students who have done exceptional projects. Students have the opportunity to present in front of their peers

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