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MS Master of Science

Fine Arts, Film, Other
3D Game Art, 3D Animation
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3D Art Building

3D artists are required to have a diverse set of skills and there are many sub-disciplines in 3D art. Therefore, the mentorship will be tailored to what the mentee wants to see. We will discuss your current skills and set realistic goals to improve your quality, workflow and knowledge through research and execution. We will devote a few sessions to learning the basics of 3D art creation, learning the fundamentals of 3D art, and researching best practices for gathering reference. Then we will move onto learning and trying out miniature projects. When you feel ready, we get you set up for your very own 3D hero asset for your portfolio! Prerequisites: - Minimal knowledge of 3D Modeling. Additional information This requires several program licenses either through free programs, licenses acquired through your school, or by purchasing a subscription. Programs required are: - Modeling software (Autodesk MAYA preferred) - Texturing software (Substance Painter preferred) - Photoshop

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