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PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate

natural language processing, neuroscience of language

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

A high-level tutorial of ideas in natural language processing

Many current tutorials in natural language processing (NLP), particularly those related to neural networks, require a relatively high level of familiarity with linear algebra, neural networks, and/or computer science. While these tutorials are helpful, it can be difficult for a non-technical audience to fully understand the possibilities and limitations of methods used in NLP. The goal of this project is to create a high-level introduction to natural language processing. This project would entail understanding some of the main tools used in natural language processing, what their limitations are, and how they can be applied to real-world problems. It could result in a set of jupyter notebooks, a set of slides, and/or a small website with demonstrations that are accessible to a non-technical audience.

Coding skills

These days I mainly use python, and in the past I have done projects with java, julia, R, matlab, ruby on rails, and javascript.

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