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10 reasons why Polygence is exactly what your child needs

NewsStaci Hill

  1. Kids aren’t asked what they care about or what they want to learn until college. It’s too late then. You will likely spend gobs of money as your child switches majors 3+ times before settling on some subject just so they can graduate on time. Polygence asks your child this question early and then lets them take their answer for a test drive.

  2. Does your child have an obsession that they cannot let go? Is it with trains? Fashion? Movies? Sports? You name the obsession, and Polygence has a mentor who is twice as obsessed. Our mentors are experts from top universities, who will match your child’s joy in exploring that topic in depth. Let your child pursue what they love while learning to channel their obsession into a productive pursuit.

    Graphic art of lightbulb with color splashed on it

  3. We have a national crisis: kids are disproportionately tired, stressed, and bored at school. School is crushing our kids love of learning by making it formulaic, archaic, and mundane. Polygence revitalizes your child’s spirit to love learning, as they research, create, and share the work that they find important.

  4. Kids who feel they have no autonomy over their lives, who feel everything is planned for them, who feel that they have no control are the same kids with dire mental health issues. Kids who take ownership, who plan their lives, and who feel they are in control, are happy, productive, confident, and motivated. Schools breed the former, Polygence cultivates the latter.

  5. Your child has the potential to do something great in this world. But it is slim to none that earning an A in trigonometry will unlock their potential. Give your child the opportunity to pursue what they love, and then watch the dividends support not just their intellect, but their character and commitment to community 5-10 years down the line.

  6. Is your child “bad at school?” Don’t let him believe for one minute that he’s not smart. Give him the opportunity to learn what he cares about, and see his self confidence skyrocket.

  7. Wracking your brain about how your child can compete in the competitive college admissions race? Colleges are looking for individuals. They are sifting through the cookie cutter replicas that schools produce. They want an incoming class of insightful, interesting, curious, and action-oriented students to enrich their community. These are the precise qualities Polygence cultivates.

  8. Do you wish your daughter had a mentor to look up to? To give her assurance, to instill confidence, and show her what she’s capable of. Polygence mentors are exactly what you’ve been searching for. Our mentors are role models, who will enable your child to produce something she’s proud of.

  9. Does your son think his efforts are useless? Meaningless? A drag? See what happens when any subject is available to him to learn. Let him find meaning so that he takes advantage of every day.

  10. Is your daughter stressed? Overworked? A people pleaser? When she takes ownership over a project she finds important, she will find her voice and know what to prioritize.